Welcome to Expo Expo

Yep, so this blog is gonna be chock full of random thoughts and images that pertain to the realm of anime.  I’ll try to do some episode analysis, but I always fall off the wagon with those due to lack of time.  Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions, as I want to get a good balance of my opinions and reader feedback.

– Other


3 responses to “Welcome to Expo Expo

  • Gargron

    Nice website, dude! Please tell me, who is this girl? And the girl in the header? They look so as you have drawn them. Am I right? 😛

    P.S. Your link is up in my blogroll!

  • firstother

    The girl in this post’s image is just a random one I think. I got it off an image site that didn’t have a source. But the image in the header is of Android 18 from Dragonball Z, and it’s by Namunamu on Pixiv. I WISH I could draw that well, haha.

    Thanks for the linkage, yours is up too!

  • Kairu Ishimaru

    ooh nice website 😀

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