Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 4

Way to lay it on heavy, Allelujah.  I gotta say that I didn’t care too much about him last season, but it’s good that he finally has his head together.  Things should progress well as long as he doesn’t devolve into long constant wails of “MARIEEEEE”.  Plus, props on acknowledging that his fighting skills are shit now without Hallelujah.

Big. Fucking. LOL.  Setsuna is so unhumanely deadpan about everything, but you can tell that Marina is starting to get into his head.  I also loved the Free Willy-esque jump out of the water with Allelujah during the battle.

Lyle and Feldt did indeed kiss and she smacked him good for it.  But surprisingly, I ended up being more sympathetic for Lyle.  Everyone keeps treating him like he’s Neil and idolizing old Lockon.  Lyle was just fucking with Feldt’s head to prove that he’s his own person.  She was acting pretty stupid anyhow.  Has she never seen twins before?

Not enough Tieria in this episode!  I still awww’ed at his reflection on how he’s changed.  Personally, I think this leaves the door wide open for him and Lyle. Tieria has blatenly stated that Lyle is not Neil, so Lyle won’t need to act like an asshole for self identification.  Fuck all those people who are like “TIERIA IS MEANT FOR NEIL ONLY!!!11”.  Do you want him to live like a widow for the rest of his android life?

But for serious, how did the Ptolemaios turn into the fucking Love Boat in like two episodes?

Okay Graham, I don’t care if your face is possibly hideously disfigured from your last battle with Setsuna.  You have absolutely no reason for all this Japanophilic behavior.  Mr. Bushido?  I don’t know how anyone in the Federation can call him that with a straight face.  The fact that his mobile suit looks like a samurai just adds to the ridiculousness.  He needs Billy to get his act together, but Billy’s too busy wanting to rape something since Sumeragi made him like a woman scorned.


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