To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episode 4

Kaori Kanzaki shows up downtown and lays down a proper beating on Touma.  He was starting to get too cocky with the whole “My hand is invincible!” belief.  He’s pretty strong though cause Kaori didn’t hold back with those kicks to the face.  But I really hate Kaori’s outfit, or namely I hate her pants.  They’re like the zombie cousin of a mullet: party on the short side, business on the long.  I like classy sexy, not 90’s trash sexy.  Oh and I wonder if magicians are able to make runes appear instantaneously because otherwise it’d be funny to imagine Kaori hand pasting runes all over that intersection.  Next episode will decide how the rest of the series goes: either Index will lose her memories or Touma will find some deus-ex-machina way to save them.


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