Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Chapter 203 & xxxHolic: Chapter 168

Well these two series are certainly marching towards the end as the plot between them grows more entwined.  I can only wonder if CLAMP had both entire storylines planned out from the beginning or perhaps they’re pulling a Code Geass.  Regardless, I’m more and more excited to see what twist will happen next.

This week’s Tsubasa chapter wraps up Syaoran Jr.’s recollection of his wish to save Sakura and the consequences that followed.  He admits that the misfortune that’s occurred in Fye and Kurogane’s lives may have happened due to the disturbance caused by the wish or Watanuki’s creation.  But Fye and Kuro are troopers who won’t place blame and they pledge to stick with Syaoran Jr. to the bitter end.

On xxxHolic’s side, Yuuko reveals that Watanuki’s fall from the second story window at school was actually a pseudo-suicide attempt by his latent memories that lie within his body.  Syaoran Jr. was losing that fight against Clone Syaoran in Neo-Tokyo and so Watanuki unconsciously tried to save Syaoran’s life.

The theme that links both series is the silent wishes of everyone wanting Watanuki not to disappear.  I’m really glad that Syaoran Jr. views him like a brother rather than a mistake.  Yuuko believes Watanuki will be fine because he’s linked to reality now (Doumeki’s blood and eyesight, Himawari’s friendship).  Maru and Moro also want him to stay.  Apparently they’ve lost their physical forms in order to protect Yuuko’s storage room that holds all the important artifacts (Fye’s staff, Kurogane’s sword, CCS Sakura’s star wand, Watanuki’s watch).

Going back to Watanuki’s psuedo-suicide: Doesn’t that mean that Himawari was blamed for nothing?  I mean, yeah she still is a carrier of bad luck, but she has all that guilt from thinking she made him fall.  Not to mention the fact that she accepted all of his scars.  In the long run, it doesn’t bother me cause otherwise Doumeki would have taken them, but it seems like a dick move by CLAMP.


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