Franken Fran – Chapter 16


Franken Fran continues to be a series of one shots about Fran and her gracious surgeries that always go south for the recipient.  Though this chapter reveals that she’s as sweet as she appears.  A militant group traps Fran’s group and themselves in a tunnel, but Fran still agrees to help them after a few members are injured.  She uses Adorea (the zipper girl above) as her main purpose is to store extra organs.  Slowly but surely, all of the militants need surgery but the poor living conditions aren’t keeping them stable.  One of the men fell head over heels for Adorea and asks her to reveal her face as his dying wish.  He and Fran get more than they bargained for, but I’ll leave you to find out which had the happy end…

Adorea’s “outfit” would be awesome to do for Halloween, although it might be advised to use just a tad more bandages.


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