Michiko and Hatchin – Episode 2

michi1I feel like every recurring character in this show but Michiko and Hatchin is a major creep.  This time around we meet Atsuko Jackson, the officer who captured Michiko twelve years ago.  Apparently, she and Michiko have known each other since childhood and Atsuko has a “thing” for Michi.  In the present time, she becomes aware of Michiko’s escape from prison and sets out to trap her.


Most of this episode was showing Michiko and Hana’s current bonding time and connections of the past.  Michiko starts calling Hana “Hatchin” for the first time and reminices of the way Hana’s father used to play with her boobs.  The mix of action, drama, comedy and good music in this show is giving it a strong lead in my favorite anime for the season.  It kind of reminds me of Cowboy Bebop music, minus so much of the jazziness.


This gave me “Loveless” levels of creeped out-ness.  I orignally praised this show for giving darker skinned cosplayers more material, but I don’t know how many have the boobs for Michiko or would want to dress as loli-lesbo Atsuko.


Though that tattoo is pretty boss.  That’s one you could get without looking like a huge douche (as long as it’s not too big), unlike if you got one of Rei Ayanami on your chest.


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