Raindrops and Roses and Whiskers on Kittens…

So every good anime fan finds one way or another to support the industry by buying at least some merchandise.  Yeah, even you “one manga book for every 50 series I read” fans.  Personally, there’s a bunch of books, DVDs and other media that I’ve acquired over the years, but among that there are a few gems that I’m proud to have.  They’re nothing huge, but it still makes me happy.  : )

No 1. – Tieria and Lockon Keychain Strap and Dogtags

dsc00590In general, I’m glad that I got a subscription to Newtype Japan because they have a lot more extra goodies than the US magazine ever did.  I only wish I lived close enough to a Kinokuniya.  Anyhow, I’m a bastard for anything Tieria-related so it was even better that Lockon was on the other side.  I also technically own the Setsuna/Allelujah strap and dogtags, but I lost the Setsuna dogtag from my college ID langyard.  Hence why Tieria is still in his shiny plastic wrapping.

No 2. – Signed xxxHolic DVDs

july5-5It was only done by the American VAs for Doumeki and Watanuki, but that’s still pretty great.  I’d die if I got to be in Fukuyama Jun’s presence (but not before getting a picture with him).  I got a picture with J. Michael Tatum and Todd Haberkorn since I was first in line, but I don’t feel like uploading it.  They were pretty hot though, especially after seeing what Negi’s American VA for Negima looked like (pink hair, late 30s).

No 3. – Shoko Nakagawa Concert at AX

dsc00588 july5-21

Oh man, her cuteness is infectious.  I was surprised how close my seat was considering that I didn’t buy it right away.  For those unaware, Shoko is the singer who performed Gurren Lagann’s Sorairo Days opening song.  Her English was a little broken and she was a little flustered but it was the first time she performed in America.  She did a bunch of songs from her own album, but her real vocal strength comes from doing anime cover songs.  Her choices included 1/2 (Rurouni Kenshin), Hare Hare Yukai (Haruhi), Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Evangelion) and many others (Utena, Sailor Moon, Gurren Lagann).  She even performed the upcoming song that will be used as the opening for the Gurren Lagann movie.  The lobby also had Shoko shirts (which unfortunately were one size fits extra large).

So what would you say are your treasured anime possessions?


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