Earl & Fairy – Episode 4


Doesn’t Raven’s eye remind anyone of Black Rock Shooter?  His fight with the Unseelie Court wolf replaces the opening credits this week, although it was more running around in circles than fighting.  I don’t really know why they played up that gunshot going off last episode because neither Edgar nor Huskley get hurt.  (Sidenote: Is there a reason why Huskley’s VA isn’t on the ANN Earl & Fairy page?  Suspicious.)


Edgar, Lydia and Raven continue to search for the Sword of the Merrow after thwarting Huskley’s intimidation attempts.  You’d think Huskley would know better by now to fucking take out Raven first.  He’s literally ninja’d his minions every single time they try to attack.  Anyhow, it seems like Raven has grown fond of Lydia because he warns her of the real reason why Edgar needs her.


I gotta say Lydia’s pretty tough for a girl with a dress the size of a tank.  Wielding a sword and walking underwater to speak with the Queen Merrow?  Badass.  She’s smart enough to hold back on completely trusting Edgar and her knowledge of fairies gives her an edge with negotiations.  She could probably be like Chiko from Twenty Faces if she had a different outfit.  I keep expecting this show to be filled with typical shoujo fufu (which there’s some), but there’s a whole mess of suspense and mystery, too.


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