Ouran Host Club – Chapter 65


This pun made me laugh so hard.  It’s too bad that more of the plot wasn’t finished before the anime came out two(?) years ago.  The same thing happened with Fruits Basket.  I haven’t been so focused on this series in a while because everything went from happy-go-lucky to WHICH ONE OF US IS GONNA WIN HARUHI’S HEART.  I’d root for Mori, since he’s always been able to get a flustered reaction out of Haruhi (and he’s sexy).  But it looks like everything points to Tamaki, which kind of sucks because I prefer storylines to have some sense of suspense about who will prevail.


However, there is a chance that Bisco Hatori might throw us for a loop with the addition of a new character this chapter named Kanoya Megumi.  Tamaki saves her from an out of control horse and she wastes no time with showing her gratitude and affection.  The big thing is that she pretty much is the version of Haruhi that Tamaki always daydreams about.  I just hope she’s not a throwaway role to fill space.


Oh, and obligatory sexy Mori time.


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