Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Chapter 204 & xxxHolic: Chapter 169


So Yuuko and FWR say the time has come for final choices and wishes.  FWR’s whole life revival wish thing is getting a bit annoying since there really haven’t been any hints to who he’s doing all this for.  Some comments by other fans have me suspect it has something to do with Yuuko, because she looked more sorry for FWR than angry in Chapter 202.  Oh, and FWR has some serious buttcheek chin going on in this picture.  It’s hard to be intimidated by a man with an ass on his face.


On xxxHolic’s side we get one of the shortest, most unsatsifying chapters as we go back to boring Ms. “My food is shitty” lady.  But Watanuki looks so serious business-ish lately.  I kind of miss his cuter glasses wearing self.  It’s nice that Watanuki and Doumeki are close enough friends to hang out together outside of lunchtime or Yuuko’s missions.  Hopefully Watanuki can get out of the damn kitchen next volume.


And the Clone Wars start again!  At least we’ll get a couple of good TRC action chapters for a while.  I hope that’s not the same blood from when he fought Real Syaoran in Neo-Tokyo.  If so, he must stink to hell and back.

I also don’t know why they still blot out the faces of Mama Sakura and Syaoran in the pictures of the past.  I mean we know who it is and I doubt they would look all that different.  Maybe they’re scared that fans would start a riot if Sakura had wrinkles, which many probably would.  (My cute loli looks like a hag now! Bitch and Moan!)  One thing that I find funny is that Sakura has gone back to the total doormat she was at the start of Tsubasa.  Hell, now she’s not even there.  Clow and CCS Sakura must be rolling over in their graves.


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