Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 5 & 6


Wow, not only does Revive Revival have a shitty name, but he has a shitty haircut to boot!  It seriously looks like someone just forgot to draw the second half.  He should get asymetrical hair tips from Lain from S.E.L.  These two episodes were mostly filled with angst, death and face-breaking.  Not that I’m complaining, of course.


Oh wow, yet another character that would have died under any non deus-ex-machina circumstance.  And people wonder why fans think a certain main character from Code Geass is still alive.  Ali’s return really does nothing for me since he’s only interesting when he’s murdering people in non-mecha situations.  But seriously, now Setsuna has two crazies on his hand and Allelujah will probably have to deal with Soma and peanut-brained Louise.  I guess that leaves Lockon to rack up some sexual harrassment charges and Tieria can just beamspam to hell and back.


Hmm, so GN Particles = setting oil wells on fire?


I don’t know who’s more worthless, Marina or Saji.  Marina could probably do a half decent job as a pilot but I doubt the idea would ever cross her mind.  Plus, her “relationship” with Setsuna is like watching paint dry.  Oh well, if she’s babysitting with Kataron then I won’t have to listen to her incessant babbling for a couple of episodes.





LOL.  The first thing I thought of was Borat.  I’d love it if someone would edit his voice over Tieria’s.  It’s not really all that surprising that Tieria tried to become more human over the four year hiatus.  He had to hang out with the rest of the crew members who are actually normal in comparison to the rest who went AWOL.


I didn’t even try to get this screencap, but it was so deliciously sweet that I had to post it.


There’s something about Wang Liu Mei’s look in this shot that made me think “17th century swordsman”.  She’s also a bitch for treating her brother like a serving boy.  I bet their half-siblings, too.  Is that the universal allowance for treating a family member like dirt?




This was pretty smooth, too.  It’s good that Lyle is starting to get serious about fighting and realizing that he’s not just a figurehead for Old Lockon.


We get a look into the past of Sumeragi and Colonel Mannequin (which is such an awesome name) and apparently the two used to work together as strategists.  In fact, it was their interaction that led to the horrible mistake that Sumeragi has been hinting at since last season.


Seriously, does everyone have to say Saji’s entire fucking name every single time?


Oh yes, Tieria’s laying out the bitch slappin’ and it was as girly as his pink sweater.


The funny thing is that I’m 90% sure that these statements apply to how Tieria used to think in season one.


Is it inappropriate that I think “nom nom nom” whenever I see this?  It probably is, right?


I like Soma a lot more this season now that she’s not just Ayanami Rei the 389742th.  Hopefully, she’ll get out of this “I’M JUST A WEAPON, BAWWW” phase and maybe even switch sides.


Now that is how you take a slap, Saji.  I worry about Sergei though, because he’s such a nice guy now.  And we know what happened to Saji’s nice sister.  And Louise’s nice parents.  And nice Lockon.  And many more nice civilians to come.


Uck, both of them make me sick.  I hope they both die in a super human fiery pit.


One good thing about crazy Graham McSamurai is that he’s totally turned into a pompous asshole.  It’s adorable how he thinks he’s such a hot shot just because he has a license.  I didn’t know they made Crazy Bitch licenses for mecha pilots.  Nena probably has one, too.


One thing that’s getting more ridiculous than other things is how intertwined the cast is with each other:

Setsuna – Ali, Graham, Marina, Saji

Allelujah – Soma, Sergei

Tieria – Ribbons and all the other crappy-named Innovators

Lockon (Lyle) – Neil, Kataron

Sumeragi – Mannequin, Billy

I mean, in any other real life situation there’s no way that this many people would have all these connections.  It’s literally a World War that involves 20 or less people.


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