Junjou Romantica Season 2 – Episode 3


This week has been hectic for me with classes and extracurricular events, so I have quite the buildup of screencaps and topics to post.  Episode three wraps up this character arc, and momentarily the buildup between Usami’s bro and Misaki for a while.  Usami’s brother “kidnaps” Misaki and takes him to the family estate.  I love how Misaki assumes that a fancy looking dog would have to have a fancy Western name.  Later he gets locked up in a room that Usami used to hang out in when he was a child.  It’s also revealed that Usami and his brother aren’t blood related, but I’m sure everyone saw that coming from the first time their siblinghood was brought up.


Anyhow, Usami shows up right as Misaki tries to escape from a 2nd floor window.  When Misaki falls in surprise, Usami lays the verbal smackdown on his brother and declares that he’ll never give Misaki up.  I don’t know why Misaki is still up in arms about being a gay lover for either of them.  He gets to be a trophy husband and have apparently good sex to boot (that’s what I’ll assume through all the blacked out genitalia).


Obligatory “Misaki’s releasing his gay pheremones” screencap.  I love how the women were more than happy to take his food, but not help him get away from his pervy classmate.


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