Mirai Nikki – Chapter 34


This time around, readers finally get a long overdue flashback into Yuno’s background before the Diaries.  There’s also a bit of comedy as Yuno does her best to prevent Amano from confessing his love to another classmate.  I don’t even want to know what happened to the guy she robbed that rabbit suit from.


Although overall I look forward to Yuno biting the dust, I have a lot more pity for her.  Her parents wanted her to be perfect and punished her by locking her in that cage whenever she made the slightest mistake.  She’s a monster, because her parents were monstrous.  In fact, her excessive tendencies to gruesomely kill people probably only arose out of the Diary game.  Sure, she killed her parents but only by giving them a taste of their own medicine.  They totally deserved that fate, too.  So I’ll wish Yuno an inevitable but painless death for what she’s morphed into.


God knows how far Amano is from falling off sanity’s edge either (or if it’s too late).  Hopefully he can obtain justice and make his father squirm.


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