To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episode 5 & 6


The first 30 seconds of episode 5 was just this long QUALITY shot of Loli-sensei leaving her house.  I guess they were trying to save the budget for the fight scenes, but they didn’t have to forsake the animation that much.  Also, was I the only one annoyed by Touma’s “OMG I’LL MAKE IT XMAS AND LOVE AND PEACE EVERY DAY” banter?  You can give me that speech when you’re more than a walking force field.


Nice to know that To Aru has filled it’s loli sexualization quota.  She’s still my favorite for her booze and cigarette disaster at home.


Oh, and thanks To Aru team for killing the tension that half the episode built up.  I know it was Loli-sensei talking during this scene but they could have at least left out the goofy ass smile.


The first thing I thought of with this was “Sailor Jupiter is behind it all!”


Evil Index is pretty awesome.  I hope she occurs again somewhere down the line, because St. George’s Sanctuary was fucking boss.  But she’ll probably end up with a doormat status for a good 10 episode.



The fight scene in Episode 6 was pretty good, other than Touma’s lol-worthy 2 minute run across a room the size of a public restroom.  One not-so-good thing about the special effects is that it makes it pretty hard to get clear screencaps.


I’m pretty good at tolerating blood in shows, but I hate the sound of bones or organs crunching and squishing.  The imagery seemed kind of off too, because it looked like Index’s St. George completely blew off Touma’s hand but it was perfectly fine when he grabbed her face.  They could have at least kept the blood on there.


Another unbelievable thing was that it took until after the fight for one of the feathers to touch Touma.  Plus, you’d think Stiyl or Kaori would have been like, “Hey we’re magicians!  We should use easy wind magic to blow these out the fucking window!”


I gotta hand it to them on the dramatic hospital scene between Index and Touma.  I had a inner single tear for Index as she kept pushing for the happy ending Touma said everyone would get.  His personality reset makes me happy because hopefully he’ll be more sensible and efficient in a fight, rather than his “lol, I’m invincible except when I’m not” logic.


The new mysterious figure/anti-hero(?) looks like he could be the brother of Aura from .hack.  Looks like he’ll bring about the next arc where we get some vamps!  And guess what Touma, your hand can’t do jack against them (unless they be magic vamps)!


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