Bonen no Xamdou – Episode 14


I’m going to be blunt: I never liked Furuichi.  All he’s been is a selfish tool who’d rather be a tool of the military than a real friend.  Sure, there’s the saying, “Love makes you blind”, but it doesn’t make you an asshole.


Props to Haru for being loud and clear about how she feels about Akiyuki.  I really wish that she wasn’t tied up with the military because she’s an awesome close combat fighter.  Commander Kakisu is such a creeper and I’m sure he’ll try to make Haru’s life miserable until they find Akiyuki again.


Furuichi’s Xam’d form reminded me of the Swamp God from Spirited Away, but a lot of the animation and character designs lately have been Ghibli-esque.  I can only imagine how much more fun Haru would have had if she was conscious whilst being tossed around Furuichi’s stomach.


Dawwww.  Melancholic Xam’d is adorable.


I really didn’t expect Furuichi to kick the bucket this episode since he made it out of the earlier standoff with Akiyuki.  His suicide caught me by surprise, but he really had no other choice to turn to.  He didn’t have someone like Nakiami to guide him, and going back with the military would have only led to more betrayal.  Still, it was kind of shitty of him to do it right in front of that old lady’s shop.  Hopefully the soldiers pushed the body aside before she came back with those drinks.


The whole showdown seems to have messed up Akiyuki most of all since he can’t return to his full human form, which prevents him from remembering who he is.  This will probably mean a couple episodes of Akiyuki/Xam’d inner-bonding and whatever seperate journey that Nakiami is now on.


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