Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 7 & 8


I don’t really have too much to say about Episode 7, because the whole Soma/Allelujah thing seems so out of the blue.  I expected them to have more of a sibling bond than a “I LOVED YOU ALL THESE YEARS EVEN THOUGH WE ONLY TALKED THROUGH THAT GLASS BOX AS KIDS” kind of bond.


I felt bad for Sergei though; he’s too good to be involved in the front line massacres.  I almost want him to fall off the storyline, because otherwise he’ll inevitably get hurt or killed.


Oh Regene, you devilish genetically modified human, you.  I find it great that he’s doing the same thing to Ribbons that Ribbons did to Alejandro in season one.  On a another point, I’d like to see an Innovator with a proper voice/physical appearance combo.  Hell, even their names hardly match their gender.  “My name’s Tieria!  I’m manly!”  Anyhow, I was surprised that Tieria didn’t know about the other Innovators.  It explains why he used to be so moody since he probably thought he was some freakish anomaly.



Second time’s the charm, Mileina.


Oh man, oh man.  This was just too funny.  We’re starting to reach Grey’s Anatomy Izzie and Denny levels of ridiculous ghost love.  I found one interesting comment on one of the Chan imageboards pertaining to this scene:

So, Ghost Lockon isn’t wearing his gloves, and the gloves Tieria is wearing look suspiciously like Lockon’s.

It’s doubtful that Tieria’s current gloves are Lockon’s because all of the Meisters wear them now.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if he pryed them off Lockon’s corpse to hide in the bottom of his underwear drawer.


Is this chick even human?  Every time she does a broadcast she has the same exact expression (or lack there of).  I hope she freezes up one episode so a maintenence team has to come out to fix her.


Patriiiiick!  Aw, you’re so adorable with your uselessness.  Louise and Marina should take tips from you.


Good job, Sergei Jr.  You continue to come off as a preteen stalker rather than a potential love interest.  But seriously, who picked out her dress thinking it’s great for a high class event?  She looks more like she’s ready to jump out of a cake.


Now’s really not the time to choose to look manly for once, Tieria.  I was really hoping that Girl Tieria wasn’t actually him, but possibly a flashback to his creator or someone he was modeled after.


I’d still do her. Lololol at the upcoming surge of Tieria cosplayers next year, just like the mob of Gurren Lagann Yoko cosplayers last year.  Cosplaying is like Halloween: it gives people an excuse to dress like whores.  Not that Girl Tieria is whorish, but it’ll sure look that way on 90% of the people who replicate it.


Oh wow, another poorly named Innovator.  “Nursing Home” shouldn’t be the first thing I think of when I hear a character’s name.


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