Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Chapter 205 & xxxHolic: Chapter 170


It looks like Kurogane will be first up in the fight against Clone Syaoran.  CLAMP will probably have him and Fye go first to save Syaoran for the glorious finale (granted that they win).  Another possible reason why they’re holding back Syaoran might be because of the whole connection with Watanuki.  I know he’s set on not disappearing now, but his body might make more unconscious suicidal attempts if Syaoran starts getting hurt again.


Surprisingly, the megaton news was in xxxHolic this week as we find out that CCS Sakura and Syaoran actually aren’t dead.  Granny Psychic made a mistake in her divinations and realized later that they’re actually alive in a different dimension.  So to all those who whined about CLAMP killing off their childhood loli: there ya go.  I’ll assume that Sakura either is able to use magic without her wand now, or Syaoran is using his to cloak themselves, because I can’t see why FWR would leave them alone otherwise.  Unfortunately, Watanuki probably won’t find out until after whatever final battle Yuuko talks about all the time.  The question is: What world are they hiding in, and have the TRC gang already visited it?  It’d be crazy if there’s some little hint in a previous chapter.


Haruka also stops by to see Yuuko which is probably a bad sign, since he usually goes directly to Watanuki.  They chat about Watanuki and Doumeki’s forward journeys and Haruka’s cigarette smoke mixes with Yuuko’s butterfly to fly towards the moon.  A while back, the moon represented FWR so I assume it’ll end up helping the TRC group in a later chapter.


I don’t even collect the CLAMP in Cardland game, but I love how Doumeki and Watanuki look.  Now that I know that Watanuki = Syaoran, I want to see him actually using magic!


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