Kannagi: The Story So Far


I had put this series on the backburner for more than a month, since there are so many shows to keep up with this season.  Kannagi is the tale of Jin Mikuriya and his upturned life after he happens to bring the goddess Nagi to life after carving her image out of the sacred tree she rested in.


This show is a mix of comedy, harem interactions, drama, and mahou shoujo situations, and it all blends together pretty nicely.  I tend to be wary of harem anime since it can sometimes be brainless material (overly-cliched characters, crappy generic art).  Part of the reason why I put off watching Kannagi was that I wasn’t sure if I could watch 13 episodes of just Nagi and Jin.  Their relationship is interesting, but not enough on its own.  Luckily the supporting main characters add that necessary spice.


Takako is the embodiment of awesome.  She’s bold, witty, and not afraid to do things that are stereotypically for male anime fans (ero games, maid cafes).  She’s also more than happy to educate you on fun topics like doujinshi terminology, such as uke and ‘”Begging for it” type dom’.  Shino is her partner in crime, but she doesn’t instigate situations.  I get annoyed by her inability to open her eyes (and that type of character, in general).  Unless you’re Brock from Pokemon or blind, you shouldn’t be walking around with your eyes shut.  Akiba is the true otaku (although he’d rather not be labeled as such) and he tends to spout out an encyclopedia’s worth of anime-related info.  Lastly there’s Daitetsu, the giant soft hearted artist that Jin aspires to be like.  He tends to be the most easily frightened out of the group.


There’s also the character of Zange-chan, another deity who spends her time taunting Nagi and hitting on Jin.  She loves to be the center of attention, and will do just about anything to stay in the spotlight.  Zange, Nagi, and Tsugumi make up the potential “haremettes” for Jin.




Tsugumi is Jin’s childhood friend and fills in the “obviously in love, but not willing to say it” category.  That may change since Zange is all up in Jin’s business, but she’s pretty set on being his guardian rather than a girlfriend.  She’d be kind of boring if it weren’t for her self-conversations whenever she does something mildly bitchy or jealousy-related.



Nagi and Jin have a weird relationship.  At times it looks like they’re attracted to each other, but at others, Nagi cites that she’s hundreds of years old and that Jin is just a young boy to her.  It seems like there are two separate personalities to Nagi, so it may be her current human side that’s fallen in love.  Sometimes I wish there was more impurity fighting or a main villain, but it looks like Kannagi is more of a slice of life show with a dash of magic.  Things may change in later episodes, but it looks like there’s only 13.

Now for my favorite Kannagi moments:



Nagi has awesome facial contortions.




I’d go.


I loved the mini-series about the Loli Mahou Shoujo and her battle against the evil big boobed villain.


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