The Other Shelf: Tytania


There’s tons of anime and manga that come out every season, which makes it hard for one person to comment on it all.  I’m making “The Other Shelf” a category for shows or manga that I don’t have time to give episodic commentary, don’t have a lot of interest in, or have already completed in the past.



Tytania hasn’t received a lot of attention, and after watching one episode I can kind of see why.  The show is centered around war strategies and space battles, but are fought with large spaceships rather than mechas.  It goes back and forth between animating the ships in CG and drawn art, but I think it would have been better off leaving the CG effects for lasers and explosions.   Overall, the art reminds me of late 80’s/early 90’s anime.


The main characters consist of a bazillion guys and one girl.  Seriously.  I’m fine with unequal gender ratios in shows but it just seems akward in Tytania’s case.    The men in the Tytania royal family are really flamboyant.  I laughed at how Ariabart ‘s special tea comes from a planet that suspicously sounds like “Lipton”.   The one girl didn’t really have much of a role other than pricking her hand on a flower.  The guys on the opposing warship were a bit more normal but there wasn’t much room for character development.


But the main thing that dragged the episode down was the plot.  It was seriously all over the fucking place.  The part with Papa Tytania killing off the traitor was especially weird, because they gave no explanation of what he did to betray the empire.  Then there was the crazy odd fighting strategy by Fan Hulic’s gang.  I want to believe that the 80% of the fleet that they let get massacred were unmanned ships, because they were so nonchalant and pleasant about it all.  The whole “awesome trick against Tytania” moment was lost underneath the mucky plot.


Tytania, as a series, may turn for the better in later episodes, but I’m not inclined to stick around.  But if you want space wars, lots of men in historical royal fashion, and something to make you scratch your head, then this is the show for you.


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