Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: Chapter 206


Hm, is Fye Scizzorhands using his normal magic abilities to fight or is that an added vampire bonus?  Kurogane and he split the playing field, with them going after FWR and Syaoran confronting his clone.  Though, Fye and Kuro have their hands full while FWR is unleashing his Unlimited Henchmen Works tactic.

I’m bummed that xxxHolic is back in break hell, but I guess it’s important to keep certain chapters released at the same time so that both series end at the same time.  It’s a shame that xxxHolic gets the bad end of the deal.  CLAMP can make amends by making good on their word that they’d finish Gohou Drug after TRC and xxxHolic are over.  For those unfamiliar, Gohou Drug’s story is set in the same dimension and timeline as xxxHolic and the main characters run “errands” much like what Yuuko has Watanuki do.  There’s a supernatural plot and you can see some of the items that they collect on errands in xxxHolic (ex. the vase that Watanuki uses to travel to Zashki Warashi’s world).  It can be argued that Kazahaya and Rikuo might have been prototypes for Watanuki and Doumeki, but there were aspects that we don’t get with xxxHolic, such as the mystery of Rikuo’s sister.  It’d be even better if the continuation of Gohou Drug goes back in the timeline to fill in some of those holes in xxxHolic where there didn’t seem to be much of anything happening.


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