Claymore – Chapter 86


Guess who’s back…


In the aftermath of the Awakened Being, the unnamed Claymore decides to tag along with Helen and Deneve in order to avoid lying to the Organization about the warriors who survived the Northern Battle.  The three head further south until they reach a village with an unusual amount of yoki radiating from it.  Helen and Deneve figure it’s Isley, so they cloak their yoki to move in further.  Unfortunately, it seems that Isley’s beefed up his power over the past couple of years, and Helen falls to the ground from the sheer pressure of his yoki.  They almost get through the situation, but Isley senses something amiss and strikes down Deneve with his sword.  At the same time on the outskirts of town, the unnamed Claymore encounters a “demon” that has been rumored to appear around those parts.

Well Isley seems to have lost his cool over something, and I have a feeling it has something to do with Priscilla being with Raki.  She probably chose Raki over him, but I can’t see why Isley couldn’t just hack Raki up and take her back.  As for the demon, there are a few guesses to who it could be:

Merged Rafaela/Luciela – but I don’t think that much time has passed since they were forming together

Irene – Her death was implied, but Rafaela might have spared her

Elda (?) – I don’t even remember her, but she’s a Claymore from Teresa’s time that’s listed with an unknown status

Alicia/Beth – the Organization might have tried the same thing that Riful’s doing with Rafaela and Luciela

Or, it could be a completely new character.  I wish that the anime had just stuck with the original storyline, because I would love to see this arc in action.


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