Manga Update: Bokurano 54, Skip Beat 132, Mirai Nikki 35, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 207


Sorry for the lack of updates: a mix of finals and my personal life has kept me pretty busy for the past week or so.


I’ve been following the Bokurano manga off and on over the past year, and it’s starting to whittle down to the final two Zearth pilots.  I would have never imagined that Jun and Machi would be the last, given their personalities.  You wouldn’t really expect them to give an interesting ending.  In this chapter, Machi talks things out with DungBeetle and explains why she’s ready to give up her life for this Earth rather than live for her other planet.  Jun also gets some balls and owns up to Kana’s death.  I wish the anime had done a better job of following the manga.  Nine out of ten times an original anime ending will suck balls, so I don’t get why they don’t just wait for the series to finish before animating.  It’s not like there isn’t enough completed manga out there to use.

29On Skip Beat’s side of things, Chiori-bitch becomes more and more psychotic as she hears how Kyoko has been able to get more roles.  When Chiori notices Kyoko on a break, she takes the chance to throw her coat at Kyoko in order to make her fall down the stairs.  It almost seems like a hand with the middle finger up would have been a more appropriate emblem on the coat than the Love Me symbol.  But in true badass manner, Kyoko grins and looks Chiori straight in the eye with a “I knew it was you, ho” look as she falls.  One of the set workers was at the bottom of the steps, so hopefully he’ll catch Kyoko.


This week’s TRC was really short, with crazy sword and magic fighting between Real and Clone Syaoran.  Apparently Fye’s stolen eye has gained power since Clone got it, so it’s going to make this battle pretty tough.  I just pray that we won’t get a cop-out “let’s resolve this with the power of love” kind of deal.  Better yet, Watanuki needs to show up and unleash an atomic bitchslap’s worth of magic.


Finally, Mirai Nikki resolved things with Yuki and his mother’s murder.  It’s confirmed that his dad did indeed kill Yuki’s mom, but I was surprised that Yuki’s dad was legit sorry for what he did.  It’s probably like one of those situations where drug addicts reach that total low, and steal money from children in order to get their fix.


Anyhow, shit gets crazy and Yuki goes to see Deux and MuruMuru to try to revive those who have died.  Deux reveals that it’s not within his power to raise the dead, and that his own life is nearing its end.  That’s the true reason for the Diary games, and MuruMuru tells Yuki that he can save (and kill) everyone by becoming the next God.  This will probably be what closes up Yuki’s heart and enables him to be more active in destroying the other Diaries.


In another area, Yuno and Nishijima meet up and he questions her about the third unknown dead body that was found in Yuno’s house.  We know that the first two were her parents (who rightly deserved their fate) but I don’t think there are any hints for the third.  I’m more surprised that Yuno didn’t kill Nishijima when he brought up the matter since they were alone.  I’m going to guess that the other body is another relative or possibly sibling to Yuno.  Just as long as they don’t pull a “THAT’S THE REAL YUNO” trick.


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