To Aru Majutsu no Index – Episode 10 & 11


Dawwww, MISAKA is adorable…  It’s a shame that the one that Touma encountered got canned.  Even though all the Sisters share a conciousness, I think MISAKA was an anomaly that also had feelings (compassion, humor).  Besides, I don’t think Touma will want to continue on with trying to humanize the Sisters after learning the truth.  He’ll probably be focused on setting Mikoto straight for the rest of this arc.

Overall I’m enjoying the battles and characters in To Aru Majutsu no Index, but I feel like the titled character has fallen to the background.  They made such a big deal out of saving Index and Touma’s sacrifice, and now Index’s only around when she’s pigging out or nagging with Himegami.


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