Bonen no Xamdou – Episode 19


Ahh, there’s nothing like a high quality Xam’d episode to refresh one’s love of anime. Kujireika and Nakiami’s confrontation comes to a head, but Yango steps in as Nakiami’s Xam’d in shining armor.  I think messing with the Ututu seeds has messed up Kuji’s head, and it’ll be up to Nakiami to set the village back on the right path (even though next episode’s preview makes me think she won’t get a chance).  As for Yango, while he’s no Akiyuki, I think he’s a better match for Nakiami, since Akiyuki doesn’t really need her guiding anymore.


I really miss episodes centered around the Zanbani crew, so it was funny to see Yunbo wearing Ishuu’s glasses.  Raigyo and Ishuu are apparently leaving for their own fight in order to keep the others safe, but I have a feeling that Yunbo won’t take that for long.


At this point, Midori is probably on the path towards a bad end.  I can’t say that I really want Haru or Akiyuki to save her, either.  She chose to believe in the army rather than her sister, and it seems like it’s all about her trying to get her “legs” back even though she’ll only be using a Mainsoul.


The big moment this episode was Haru shows up in time to help Akiyuki remember his name.  I really like her characterization and think she and Akiyuki make a great couple.  I wanted them to kiss, but that tends to be the mark of imminent death in anime.  Concerning Akiyuki’s transformation, I love how it’s very “Eureka times 2 wings-ish”.  Of course, this isn’t the first allusion to Eureka Seven that Xam’d as a series has presented.  I think he’s the true form of what Xam’d beings should be, unlike what Kujireika thinks she has acheived.


There was also a mild shocker as it’s revealed that Sumako’s (the woman who bought Akiyuki) “dead” son is in fact Commander Kakisu back on Sentan Island.  Or at least, it’s someone that looks like him which raises questions.  I originally thought that Kakisu was more like an anti-hero but he’s turning pretty diabolical lately.


The final twist is that the black eyeball blob thing that was floating around Akiyuki when he couldn’t remember himself is actually the Hiruken Emperor.  It tried to make Akiyuki commit suicide right before Haru arrived, and afterwards he states that Akiyuki should be the one to kill him.  Its real body is pretty gross looking to me; it looks like the head area is surround by a vat of turds.   But then I noticed the hands, so the gang’s going to have a held of a time going up against something of that size if they have to fight.


With only 7 episodes remaining in the series, it looks like it’ll be pretty action packed straight to the end.  The music really sets the mood for the plot, and I can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out.  For any of those interested, you can actually already get the opening (Shut Up & Explode by Boom Boom Satellites) and ending song (Vacancy by Kylee) on the U.S. iTunes music store.


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