Junjou Romantica Season 2 – Episode 7 & 9


Misaki is truely going to be a weathered old man by the time he reaches age 30.   He just can’t avoid drawn-out dramatic situations, let alone the getting a booty-looting from Usami.  In episode 7, he takes a moment to be courteous and help a man who couldn’t understand how to get his train ticket.  Unfortunately, it turns out to be Usami’s father and it makes Misaki wonder if his crazy love pheremones only attract people from Usami’s family.


Putting aside the fact that Usami-papa looks way too good looking for his potential age, I think that the butler is the only sane and normal person related to this family.  There’s no way he’s going to mention wanting to bathe together with Usami’s brother, without me thinking he diddled them when they were younger.  But it’s all in good yaoi humor, so he’s innocent.  I laughed when Misaki realized meeting someone on the train was the EXACT circumstance that got him mixed up with Usami’s brother.



In episode 9, Misaki and Usami go on a date to collect data for Usami’s literary work.  While they’re at the aquarium, Misaki bumps into Usami’s brother and another akward love proclamation battle starts up. And psh, from my anime research, how could a Japanese man not be gay?  Statistics show they either have a harem of five girls, or they caught the ghey.


Through all of this, Usami’s been trying to push Misaki out of his life, because he knows what a shitfest of complications Misaki’s life has become since they met.  This in turn makes Misaki realize how he really feels and we get a surprisingly touching, albeit cliche, ferris wheel moment.


Highlight of the episode was Usami’s expression and reaction to Misaki’s claim that he’s had tons of women before.  It’s a pretty bad lie when even Usami can’t hold back a chuckle.



Also, obligatory “Misaki’s releasing his gay pheremones” screencaps.  Of course, they’re talking about love!


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