Anime Music of 2008: My Shortlist


I’m going to start off by saying this list isn’t of the “best” or “coolest” of 2008.  I know there’s plenty of people who digged songs like “Triangular” (and I love Maaya S. in general), but these were openings, endings, and soundtracks that really stood out personally. (LONG POST IS LONG)

Opening Songs

Tameiki no Hashi – Kuricorder Quartet & Yukawa Shione – Allison and Lillia

I like the soothing nature of this song, and the background music is done by the same group that did the Yotsuba! soundtracks.

Life goes on ~side K~ – CHEMISTRY – Antique Bakery

This one took a while to get used to, but the electronic feel and upbeat melody is fun to listen to.  The animation for the tv version is pretty cool, too.

Sora – Hearts Grow – Birdy the Mighty Decode

You can’t go wrong with a standard rock tune.

Shut Up and Explode – Boom Boom Satellites – Bounen no Xamdou


World End – FLOW – Code Geass R2

FLOW has been a constant big hitter when it comes to anime openings (Colors for Code Geass Season 1, Days for Eureka 7), and World End doesn’t disappoint.  Although I wish it was called World‘s End instead.

Crawl – VELTPUNCH – Nabari no Ou

Sexy girl playing electric guitar = list inclusion.  Weird PV theme, though.

Paraiso – Soil & “PIMP” Sessions – Michiko and Hatchin

Best jazz music since Cowboy Bebop AND a bitchin’ name?  OST do WANT.  While waiting for that to come out, listen to Karisome Otome (Death Jazz version) which is a collab with Jrock queen Shiina Ringo.

Theme Principal – Rio Koyama – Ryoko’s Case Files

Boo, couldn’t find a full version of this on Ytube.  This is my fun, sexy, espionage music.

Atashi no Machi, Ashita no Machi – Takahashi Hitomi – Toshokan Sensou

I can’t listen to this song without imagining running/laying/frolicking/ in chamomile fields.  Or Iku’s big drippy tears.  The other two songs in this single (Mother’s Car and Miss Lady) are also awesome so check ’em out.

Nobody Knows – Suga Shikao – xxxHolic Kei

Oh Suga, you’re such an odd girly lookin’ man.  But I love ya.  Suga’s also a vet to doing anime songs (Boogiepop Phantom, Honey & Clover, xxxHolic season 1 and movie).

Kuusou Rumba – Ootsuki Kenji & Zetsubou Shoujo Tachi – Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Remix must-see:

Ending Songs

Vacancy – Kylee – Bounen no Xamdou

Why is it lately that rock = skateboard video?  Also, I never knew before that Kylee’s only 14.  Crazy!

Amai Koibito – Detroit Metal City

LOL.  So clean cut, so cheesy, so awesome.  Sweets Baby is totally hip hop/R&B.

Ryuusei Record – marble – Hidamari Sketch x365

Mebae Drive part 2, basically.  It makes me want to float around in a hot air balloon or ride through the country on a train.

Carry Me Away – Seira – Kaiba

I decided to upload my own full version since I can’t seem to find it on Ytube and the tv version doesn’t do it justice.  Enjoy staring at Kaiba’s huge head for 3 minutes!  Consequently, Expo Expo now has a Youtube channel.  Fancy!

Musuhi no Toki – Tomatsu Haruka – Kannagi

Soooo relaxing…  It’s kind of got an uplifting Disney song-ish kind of effect, too.  I love how the video adds in the floating Japanese characters.  It reminds me of Loveless‘s ending song animation for Michiyuki.

Tokyo et Paris – Miyamoto Emiri x solita – Nodame Cantabile in Paris

Emiri Miyamoto, the violinist, is so adorable~  I’m surprised that the video focuses a lot more on her than the singer, solita, but I guess that’s in true Nodame spirit to focus on the instruments.

changes – Base Ball Bear – Toshokan Sensou

Mmmm, you could clone me 10 of each member of Base Ball Bear any day.  They also did the opening song for Ookiku Furikabutte (Dramatic).

While I didn’t get into Macross Frontier‘s opening, there are a lot of good vocal songs from the series.  I love Aimo (including its many versions), Yousei, Neko Nikki, Ai Oboete Imasu ka, and Diamond Crevasse 50/50.  Kurenai also had a great soundtrack, as did Soul Eater (which was done by mega composer Taku Iwasaki).  Also, Hidamari Sketch x365 released an album completely comprised of marble songs, with Jitensha and the Mebae Drive remix being my faves.  All of these are just a drop in the ocean of great soundtracks that were made in the name of anime.


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