Manga Update: Franken Fran 17, Mirai Nikki Mosaic 3, Skip Beat 133, xxxHolic 171


It’s Cloverfield!

Not really, although it still involves giant babies and a similar beginning.  Franken Fran gets informed by the government that a giant monster capsized a boat and is heading towards a local island.  It’s interesting that it was a anti-whaling boat that got nailed; perhaps that’s a personal standing from the author.  I don’t really get anti-whalers; unless the fishermen are in a designated non-hunting zone, people should just let them be.  It’d be like Hindus trying to keep cows from being taken to meat factories because that’s their view.  Americans like beef; Japanese like whale meat.


Mirai Nikki – Mosaic is a side-series to the regular plot that delves into parts of the characters’ past, since the main series has to stick with new material as releases are only monthly.  Chapter 3 happens right after the Onukata (The 6th & 12th) incident and focuses on Minene (9th) and Houjou (5th).  The first half is pretty funny with Minene trying to return Houjou a pair of dolls, but every time he states they’re not needing since he’s an “adult” now.  Although Minene can be a heartless murderer, she still values family a lot.  The ending was pretty dramatic, even though I liked Houjou the least out of all the Diaries.


In Skip Beat, Kyoko survives falling down the stairs but hurts her right wrist/dominant hand.  She saw Chiori was the one who pushed her, but being the witty girl she is, she decides to keep quiet about it.  Instead, she suggests to the director that Chiori should be her “right hand”.  It’ll be sweet justice to see Kyoko twist her around her finger.  Now it’ll be a matter of seeing how long Chiori lasts before she confesses.


Finally, xxxHolic did indeed continue with Ms. “My food’s nasty” Lady, and this time they go to Yuuko’s place to cook.  Doumeki, Himawari and Kohane also come over, and Mokona states for the first time that the client is Watanuki’s, not Yuuko’s.  It’s possible that this means Watanuki’s fate is to become Yuuko’s successor, but it could also be another way to empower Watanuki more.  It’d be funny if doing errands was what Yuuko had to do when she was younger.  She’d probably be as catty as Watanuki was in the beginning.  Anyhow, Ms. “Purel couldn’t sanitize the filthy touch of my hands” Lady seems like she’s been driven over the edge by Watanuki’s reasoning.  The last time we saw crazy eyes like that was when Kohane’s mom went batshit, so Watanuki better watch out.


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