Toradora! – Episode 13


I’ve been following this show without really commenting on it, but episode 13 was really well done.  So much so that at first I thought it might be the series finale.  Luckily, this is just the halfway mark, so hopefully Toradora will only get better.  Just as long as it doesn’t fall under the same crappy syndrome that R.O.D. the TV had (amazing mid-season “finale”, bad actual finale).


When I first started Toradora, I fully expected it to be only comprised of shallow fanservice and stereotypical characters.  While some of that is apparent (as seen below), there’s still a much deeper plot that really humanizes the show.  The school festival arc brought out personalities that the characters have tried not to show: Ryuuji’s longing for a father figure, Taiga’s yearning to be truely treasured by her father, and Minorin’s anger that Ryuuji was letting Taiga walk down a dead end path.

Episode Highlights:


This is one of those moments when I’m sure real Japanese students wish they could get away with this stuff at their festivals.


This was a total “lolwut” moment for me.  I thought she was going to change her costume in the bag or something, but I guess she was just doing a Kyon’s sister impersonation.


Ryuuji’s run was pretty epic.  He was nearing Seiji (Midori no Hibi) levels of asskickery, and he’s pretty agile to be able run on top of fences.  I probably would have reacted the same way if some punk had the nerve to knock me to the ground.  Except I’d say, “Fuck this race” and spend the rest of the episode beating the shit out of those guys.


That looks like SO much fun to do to people.   But the mechanics are probably much like wanting to dropkick someone in real life: you can’t because it’d really fuck the other person up.


I loled hard at Ryuuji’s reaction to Minorin questioning whether or not she’s a lesbian.  I’m pretty sure he said no just because he’d have no chance with her otherwise.  But at this point, I think that Ryuuji’s unconsciously moving Minorin towards his “friend zone” rather than as a crush.  It’s like his picture perfect image of her got shattered ever since she got mad at him.  On the other hand, he’s realizing how much he wants to be there for Taiga and even Ami’s is looking like a genuinely good match for him.


I don’t get Kitamura’s logic.  He’s supposed to be a nice guy character, and he acts like a nice guy, but in the end he’s really just being a douche to Taiga’s feelings.  He’s not going to go out with her (since it’s obvious that he’s moved on to the class president), but he’s going to do things that resemble flirting and raise her hopes.   It’s only going to lead to a Kitamura/Ryuuji fight, which I’d be more than happy to watch.


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