Maria Holic – Episode 1


Well the first of the new winter shows has broadcasted early (much like Macross F did last year).  I can already tell that I’m going to follow this series when it starts in January.  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, I’d suggest watching it first before reading any further.

Well this plot is certainly full of surprises.  When Kanoko said she entered the Academy to find her destined partner, I figured she had a father complex or something.  It’s awesome that she’s hard gay and the old school 90’s-ish shoujo art that appears whenever she starts fantasizing is great.  Matsurika’s bad attitude is a little bland, but I guess it balances out Maria’s go-getterness.  As for the big “reveal”, I love how Kanoko just dove in to grab Maria’s junk to verify her assumption.  You’d think that’d make her go into respiratory arrest given that a kiss from boys gives her hives.  I’m also curious to know if Maria’s name is his real name (Mario?).

The art style is SHAFT’S usual eccentric form and ANN lists Maria Holic as a comedy/romance, but hopefully there’ll be some drama mixed in there, too.


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