Manga Update: Deadman Wonderland 18, Franken Fran 18-21, Highschool of the Dead 21-22, Midnight Secretary 25, Mirai Nikki 36, TRC 208


Jeez, it’s almost like scanlators planned a huge Christmas week dump of chapters.  Deadman Wonderland continued the plan to get the truth about the prison out to the public, and Crow continues to try to teach Ganta how to make his Branch of Sin move faster. Meanwhile Shiro finally leaves Mockingbird’s side and gets captured by the undertakers along with Karako.  Of course they’re not the only ones providing fanservice this chapter…



“And…and your dress is white!  It’s like…if you got water on it, it’d be TERRIBLE!”  Yeah, “terrible” is exactly the term I’m thinking of.  Crow is so adorable when he’s not being a badass and I love how Hummingbird’s brother is just mortified by her reaction.


The four different Franken Fran stories were pretty good, and two of them even sort of had happy endings (which is rare in FF).  Veronica was surprisingly moe in Chapter 18 and it was nice to see a story centered around her rather than Fran.  19 switched back to Fran’s usual predicaments when she does a “favor” for someone as she helps out some high school girls by making the boys less horny while in public.  The problem is what’s going on in private.  I get annoyed by people like the chapter’s main girl; she’s disgusted by how a guy wants her physically but then freaks out when he denies her advances later.  Grabiness is usually just a phase with guys, so deal with it if you really want to be with him.


Chapter 20 was pretty sad since I hate to see nice characters befall horrible endings in this series.  What’s worse is that Fran fucked up and so the actress’s final wish won’t even happen.  I guess the upside is that the sleezy director gets what he deserves.  Finally, in Chapter 21 we get to see some body switchin’ and there’s even a cameo of the police officer clone from Chapter 17’s mishap.  The ending is kind of sick but I guess it’s FF’s normal way of providing a “happy” ending with a twist.


Highschool of the Dead brought on more guns, boobs, and zombies as usual.  Police Officer Asami’s friend who went to go find help failed, and now the gang is deciding to leave the mall before things get any worse.  Asami flipped shit when she found out and it seems like her super nice-nice personality might be a facade.  The other civilans in the mall also heard the news, so they’re probably going to cause trouble, too.  The only ones I’m worried about are the sweet elderly couple who are heading to the roof.  They’re either plotting something against the group or they’re going to commit suicide which would make me bawww.


Midnight Secretary continues to try to soften Kyouhei’s image by turning him into Kaya’s shining dark knight anytime she blunders her way into trouble.  This time around she gets tricked into meeting up with a pair of male vampires who want to see if her blood is really all that and a bag of chips.  Surprisingly, it’s not.  I figured she had that same effect that Bella has in Twilight, but I guess not.


Mirai Nikki went into Spiral Power levels of badassery as Yuki basically says “Fuck this shit”, and starts killing anyone who tries to get in his way.  By the end of the chapter, he’s pretty much got Yuno on a leash and he looks five years older.  It must be the hair.  I’m pretty sure over the course of the five days that he and Yuno went missing that they spend 4.5 of them having non-stop sex.  There’s no other reason for him to turn into such a pimp so quickly.  The other half of a day was probably spent watching TV where he would have pieced together the 11th’s identity from watching the news.


Finally, Tsubasa was all kinds of despair as R! Syaoran seemingly loses his battle (and possibly his life) against C! Syaoran.  Kuro and Fye freak the hell out, but there are too many of FWR’s minions to deal with.  C! Syaoran’s magic is also on overload so they get blown back.  The only hope is that this might all be a grotesquely realistic act as C! Syaoran is seen whispering in R! Syaoran’s ear.  I have a feeling that C!’s conscience is still alive and well and R!’s injuries look worse than they really are.  There was no xxxHolic this week, so I’m curious on how Watanuki’s condition is since he got messed up last time R! got majorly injured.


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