Anime Resolutions for 2009

1.  I will make an attempt to wear one of the costumes from Honey & Clover’s 2nd OP music video for Halloween (Yuki’s chaaaaair).

2. I will try my best to get to either Anime Expo or Otakon, especially if either of them gets Ranka and Sheryl’s VA from Macross F to do a concert.

3.  I want to cosplay again at one of said anime conventions.

4.  I will get to NYC or LA so I can have a shopping spree in Kinokuniya.

5.  Not anime based, but I’ll continue studying for my minor in Japanese and prepare to study abroad in Tokyo.

6.  I will continue blogging and developing Expo Expo into a proper anime and manga site.

If you have any resolutions, feel free to post them!  Happy New Year!


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