Comiket 75: Index, Touhou and Tieria


Well Comiket is done and over, so various doujins, games and other media are popping up online.  I’m surprised by the amount of To Aru Majutsu no Index doujins that were created.  I guess it’s more popular in Japan than I imagined.  As usual there’s plenty of Touhou stuff and apparently an OVA debuted.  Don’t know much more since I’ve never been able to get into the games and I refuse to be a fan of something I’m not involved with. (Same thing goes for the Vocaloid games.)


I was also surprised that more doujin authors didn’t take advantage of Busty Boobed Tieria.  Maybe there wasn’t enough time?  There were still two non-H Gundam 00 doujins that caught my eye.  Banshi Banshi Tonikaku Banshi was only a couple of pages long but it had a picture of BBT (seen above).  In reality, Tieria shouldn’t feel a thing from getting his melons squeezed if they’re fake.  Otherwise that makes me imagine that he has the ability to make his boobs magically appear and disappear.


The other doujin is called Shiritsu Toremi Gakuen Honoo no Kainyu Tenkousei Second Season, and from what I can guess from the images, the Gundam Meisters are students and Alejandro Corner is the top cheese.  Tieria is being forced to be Alejandro’s bunny ear-wearing maid (niiiiice) and the others come to save the day.  There’s plenty of TieriaxLockon shipping and Setsuna goes all, “ORE WA GUNDAM” with a ruler.   The art is really nice and it was cool how they made Allelujah and Hallelujah into two separate people.  I really want a translation… ;_;


I laughed hard at the omake when Neil walks in on Lyle and Tieria.  Oh Lyle, you’ll never beat the original when he’s around.


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