Winter 2009: Asu no Yoichi, Kurokami, White Album


^ My reaction to Asu no Yoichi and White Album.


Let’s start off with AnY; it’s your typical big breasted harem show with a supernatural samurai twist.  I almost gave up when the opening credits started.  In fact, my reaction was more like hearing Excalibur tell his legend: (ﺧ益ﺨ).  There’s just something about ecchi anime that I can’t get into.  It’s fine if you use it sparingly, but why would I want 20+ minutes of overplayed boob grabs and crotch shots?  I’ll watch hentai if I want arousal over plot.  Anyhow, although the typical nature of the show bugs me, there are some funny moments here and there that keep your attention.  AnY is one of those series that probably does better in manga form.  Oh, and…




…what was with the ridiculous berry throw to the squirrel?  That shit would have knocked it off the branch, not landed perfectly in its furry hands.


Next up is Kurokami, and it looks like it could be a top contender for action shows this season.  It centers around the idea that everyone has 2 other identical look-alikes in the world, but only one is the “source”.  When any of them encounter one another, the fake ones are destined to disappear.  The issue is that those “fake” people live real lives and have real friends and family.  To those viewers who are not good with excessive violence or gore, this show is probably not for you.  It’s also not for people who can’t handle little kids getting hurt either.  I was throughly surprised by that scene, especially since they didn’t show the death scene for an older character.


They made Kuro’s ramen stand fight pretty intense, too.  Seeing fight scenes like that makes me think of the ugly side that having superpowers has.  Sure, you can kick ass, but the same is bound to happen to you sooner or later.  Another thing that got me going was the opening scene.  What’s up with anime showing the (possible) ending of the series in the first episode?  That technique only makes you go “OH GASP, I SHOULDA KNOWN” if you’ve never seen it used before.  Chaos Head did the same thing, and not well might I add.  One thing that surprised me was that this series was created by Korean authors.  I don’t have a lot of knowledge of Korean series being adapted into Japanese anime, so I don’t know if this is a rare case or not.  The only other one I know is Shin Angyo Onshi and that was only made into an OVA.  In any case, I know I’ll be watching Kurokami and I hope it keeps up this sense of suspense.


Lastly, White Album is a romantic visual novel turned anime about a dude who’s in a love triangle with two J-idols.  I think that the music aspect of this show is going to be its strongest point.  The characters are also pretty well fleshed out and the art style is out of the ordinary to me.  I’ll also be watching this, but for some reason the first episode seemed to drag….on….for….so….long.  As I was watching, I couldn’t help but check what timestamp I was at because it felt a lot long than the usual 30 minute kind of show.  I’m really trying to enjoy the story, but it’s hard to when you feel like you’ve accidentaly fallen into Limbo.  The pacing is very slice of life-ish, but things speed back up whenever one of the idols has a TV/concert appearance, so it’s worth a look.

P.S. Worst opening animation ever.  I hope they just did that to keep from revealing characters for the first episode and change it for the rest.


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