Winter 2009: Rideback and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo


^ This was my face while watching Rideback.  Well, not quite that crazy looking but you get the idea.


Holy crap, this is exactly the type of show I was waiting for in the winter schedule.  Let’s start off with the animation quality: superb.  The dance recital scene was mezmerizing, and that’s exactly what Nodame Cantabile‘s animation should have been.  Madhouse, the studio doing this series, is not one to do shoddy work but I just hope that they can keep it up for most of the episodes.  Watching all that dancing made me miss my youthful days of ballet and jazz practice.  Damn you “lessons for dance majors only” rule at my college.


Rin is the main character, and the story begins by explaining some of her past and reason for quitting dance.  During a rainstorm, she happens upon the Rideback Club’s garage and gets urged into taking a test ride.  Unfortunately, the Rideback malfunctions and hijinks ensue.  Rin is a really likeable character and not hard on the eyes either.  I don’t know why the creator or Madhouse needed to make her hair fray so much though.  Is that supposed to represent that she’s not just a poised, proper primadonna?


And while Ridebacks function in a cool way, they look butt fugly.  I mean if you’re going to go to the trouble of making a highly advanced vehicle, can’t you decide to either make it look like a robot or a motorcycle?

I could tell just by listening to the opening song that it was sung by Mell.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have the same kick that Red Fraction gave Black Lagoon, and I think she’s better off when she’s yelling Engrish in a threatening manner.  On the other hand, the ending song by Younha is so. damn. pretty.  It’s easily going to be on my favorite 2009 anime song list.  What’s more is that the ending animation makes me tear up like a preteen.  There’s something about dead mom memories that makes me bawww on the inside (plus little Rin is uber adorbabble).  The long version of Kioku (Memory) isn’t out, but apparently this is a remake of a Korean version that Younha did.  It’s just as amazing and after listening to it a couple times it almost sounds better than the Japanese version, so check it out below!



Now Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo isn’t aiming to stir up those deep emotions in you, but it did a pretty good job in making me laugh.  I don’t have much to say about it other than the fact that it’s amusing and the title automatically gets mixed up with The Girl Who Leapt Though Time in my head.  The little android/robot/creature thing is cute and I love how it’s obsessed with vintage stuff.  My male seiyuu love, Jun Fukuyama, is back in a new role as a crazed supercomputer and there seems to be a lot of inside jokes pointed at other series, such as Gundam.


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