Bounen no Xamdou – Episode 24


Kerosene Wings FTW!


Is it bad of me if I’m disappointed that Midori made it through becoming a Humanform?  She was right up there on the annoying list with Furuichi, and at least his death was kind of cool.  In the end, all Midori did was take up time, kill a bunch of people and nearly regress Akiyuki to how he was five episodes ago.  Luckily, Nakiami came to save the day as usual.  There are only two episodes left now, and it looks like 25 is going to be jam packed with Akiyuki vs. Hiruken Emperor battling in a very David/Goliath kind of manner.  I’m worried about Yango since he dove into the devil’s lair/Quickening Chamber and I really don’t want him to die because I have a feeling that would break Nakiami’s heart.  But I guess that’s banking on Nakiami making it out of this alive, too.


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