Tales of the Abyss: Episode 16


I feel like Tales of the Abyss is falling into the same cyclical pattern: ridiculous revelation that shouldn’t have taken so long to figure out, tension, moping, happiness, repeat.  We got the first three in this episode along with a couple of characters getting randomly knocked off.  Spoilers after the cut (and no, Tear wasn’t among the fatalities).


Sync’s death was among the least sensible ones that I’ve seen in anime.  I don’t know if the game makes it better, but he commits suicide for no good reason.  He shouldn’t have been wearing that shitty plaster-like mask if he didn’t want his identity to be found out, especially since it broke before.  If he had continued to fight, he would have at least taken down Luke and the others with him.  But no, let’s just be emo and fall dramatically off the ship.  I don’t see this being a fake-out either since he pretty much took a one-way trip to the planet’s core.  Along with that nonsense, it didn’t make much sense that the inventors were killed.  I mean the plot’s pretty much avoided killing off people so far and Anise’s mom got shot but survived, so I don’t know why they couldn’t have just knocked them out or something.

On a different note, I liked the twist about Fon Master Ion, although that could have been developed a lot more and probably won’t be further delved into.   The costume change for the characters in the ending credits were cool too.  Too bad they’ll probably never show up in the show.


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