Manga Update: Deadman 19, Midnight 30, Tsubasa 209-210, xxxHolic 172


OH SHI—  This woman barely knows Watanuki, but even she knows how awesome he is right now.  The only way he could be fiercer is if he were wearing Aretha Franklin’s bow hat.


Watanuki finally saying Yuuko’s mantra makes up for all this kitchen time-wasting crap that’s been going on.  I think that it’s pretty close to speculate that Watanuki will definitely become Yuuko’s wish-granting successor.  It might not still be at Yuuko’s place since it’s slowly being broken down by FWR, but Yuuko was doing her business long before the shop was created.  I’m really impressed with how CLAMP has developed Watanuki’s character.  It’s really been a gradual process, which is how most changes in real life happen.  You just wake up one day and finally notice that you’ve grown inside.  But I’m surprised they haven’t alluded anything to what’s going on with Syaoran in TRC.  You’d think that Watanuki would at least mention something about sensing something going on.


Speaking of TRC, things really hit the fan, didn’t they?  I pretty much knew the Syaorans were going to pull something when Clone whispered in Real’s ear.  I’m wondering what this means for the rest of the series.  Either FWR is going to die from his injuries or Clone died in vain.  If FWR does die, I guess they’ll have him set the rest of his plans in motion beforehand.  We know that it’s going to end up with Syaoran and Sakura in that hourglass tube, but it’s hard to tell how far off that is from now.  I think both xxxHolic and TRC are going to be going on more chapter breaks to spread the material out, but I’d rather have that than a BS ending.  Then again, the sooner xxxHolic and TRC are over, the sooner Gohou Drug comes back. ❤


Oh, Deadman Wonderland.  I think this is just tragic death season in manga.  Didn’t Karako have a near death experience just a couple chapters ago?  Pick someone else that I don’t enjoy reading about!  I’m going to try to convince myself that she’ll be alright, since it’s hard to tell on that angle whether it’s piercing her heart.  Then again, it looks like it’s going through her boob.  GodDAMN that must hurt, my chest mourns just thinking about it.


Lastly, Midnight Secretary moves towards a new arc as Kaya gets a pregnancy scare and the Vampire Clan try to manipulate her relationship with Kyouhei.  They offer her a variety of wonderful choices that include become a slave to the clan if she bears a human baby or marrying someone else to ensure that Kyouhei’s importance remains.  She gets especially shaken up when the Clan’s leader uses his vampire voodoo to hypnotize her to his will.  But the two lovebirds remain vigilant and the leader drops the bomb, saying that Kyouhei will be banished from the clan.  I always feel like the story’s close to ending since it gets repetitive sometimes (trouble, sex, trouble, sex).  Kyouhei’s banishment will probably mean an increase in the danger index since the clan might not be too keen on a rebel vampire who could create his own faction.  I wonder if he’ll still be able to get his pseudo-blood pills.  He’s in trouble if the Clan’s in charge of them, but then again Marika would probably help out.


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