Winter 2009: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou


I finally took the time to finish the first season, so I decided to move on to the current airings.  Right off the bat, it’s easy to tell that the animation quality has increased.  I’m glad that Zoku’s first episode finally went back to the Book of Friends, because the series really didn’t focus on it for most of the second half of the first season.  Hopefully both the quality and plot will stay at the level it is now.

The opening song is surprisingly more J-popish, but it kind of matches Natsume’s demenor now.  He’s not so depressed and mopey, and he’s got a bunch of friends (human & youkai alike) that will accompany him in the following episodes.  It looks like there’s a new female (?) character in the opening animation, but who knows how early she’ll show up.  The best part about the OP animation was how they showed the humans the first time through, and then added in the youkai.  The ending animation and song was pretty much like last season’s, but again they added in more of Natsume’s friends to show that he’s not alone anymore.


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