Gundam 00: Magic Loli Lyrics


Oh Marina, you never fail to find new ways to crap up the storyline.  Why did Sunrise decide to go from the epic battle of Memento Mori to magic religious singing?  I probably wouldn’t even mind it so much if the song weren’t so damn annoying or if they didn’t play it so many times.  I really hope it disappears from the storyline.  I mean this isn’t Macross Frontier, so stop it.


But then again it’s really Trans-Am that made the singing pop up and we know how wonderfully akward it made the battlefield a couple episodes back.  I wonder why Setsuna didn’t get all naked again.  Maybe it only works when Saji “the Crossroad” Crossroad is with him.


In more important Tieria news: I think I liked Nadleeh better than Seraphim, but that’s just going on looks.  Apparently there’s something else up the Gundam’s sleeve so my opinion might change.  It was cute when Tieria put the blanket on Mileina, but I’m still a headstrong Tieria/Lockon shipper.  I’m not really digging the ending song implications in which Lyle and Anew hookup, but one can only hope she’ll be a backstabber like the other Innovators.


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