Bounen no Xamdou: Episode 25


One more to go.  I think that this episode concludes most, if not all, of the remaining action and that they’ll spend the finale fleshing out what the future holds for the characters that survive.


Well the deaths are certainly rising.  I can’t say that I wasn’t happy that the Doctor got petrified, and it brings the main character death count to 4.  I’m not including Ishuu because all they showed was the explosion, and those circumstances often lead to a miraculous survival.  I’m surprised that Haru made it out of the battlefield without a scratch, especially since she decided not to confess her love for Akiyuki.  It gave me some real Rahxephon vibes when (highlight for spoiler) Haruka’s plane gets destroyed after her heartfelt moment with Ayato.  But the character deaths might end with this episode since Nakiami stepped in to save the day.  Otherwise, the Zanbani crew are in deep trouble.


Nakiami’s purification scene was pretty emotional, and so was her hug with Yango.  It’ll be interesting if she was serious about the constellations changing by the time she wakes again.  I guess creating an age of peace requires someone to act as the source of energy, but man that’ll be a bittersweet ending for Nakiami.  She gets to save everyone like she wanted but she’ll never be able to see them again (unless their reincarnations or something are around when she wakes up).


On the Xam’d battlefield, Kujireika finally showed up and was utterly useless to the fight (and plot).  Akiyuki gave her this little revelation that Nakiami always loved her, which wouldn’t have surprised Kujireika if she had been less psycho.


After that, Akiyuki goes back to fight the Emperor and quickly gets killed…?  The scene then teleports to Akiyuki and the Emperor’s souls meeting face to face.  It was revealed earlier by Sannova that the Emperor is actually a child that was stillborn, but revived by the Hiruko.  Akiyuki gives the Emperor the name of “Akiyuki” and it’s easy to notice that they have similar physical characteristics.  They might even have the same face once the Emperor removes his mask.  Again, I’m getting cross-series parallels and this time it’s with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles (Clone Syaoran dying so Real Syaoran can live on).  The only thing is that as far as I know Akiyuki and the Emperor aren’t related, so I don’t see how the Emperor could live on taking the place of Akiyuki.  Haru certainly wouldn’t be happy with that situation.  I guess they could end up merging bodies or maybe Akiyuki actually wasn’t hurt by that blast.  I DUNNO, THE PLOT’S ALL CRAZY.


As a final thought, I’d like to touch on the pacing of Bounen no Xamdou.  This series has often been compared with Eureka Seven, but one thing that it lacks is the Eureka Seven’s length.  I’m not disappointed with the plot, but I think Bones could have done a lot better if they had extended the series to 52 episodes.  We got a lot of character development for Akiyuki, Haru and Nakiami, but characters like Ishuu didn’t get much of a background story until the last five episodes.  Sannova especially got the short end of the stick.  The opening animation made me expect her to be the final boss, or to at least have some big arc.


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One response to “Bounen no Xamdou: Episode 25

  • illusion

    Awesome ep, got a little wet in my eyes. But something that annoyed the hell out of me was that they were talking on and on and on and on while there was this E P I C fight going on, so I had to watch it twice (once for what they said, and once for the nice animation), and that takes the impact off a little.

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