White Album: Episode 4


This show makes me realize how grateful I am to be in the age of cell phones.  It’s ridiculous that Yuki and Touya are within a 2 mile radius yet it takes them an entire day to find each other.  Hell, I won’t even separate from someone in Wal-Mart unless we both have our phones.  I did enough of that “lol we’re both walking and at opposite ends of the store” crap enough in the 90’s.  Though, Touya gets an extra idiot award for not noticing Yuki in a clear glass phone booth.


80’s Japan certainly didn’t have anything like the Amber Alert either.  I love how the old lady doesn’t even question whether the girl is really being abducted.  From what I could tell, there’s really nothing that tells you that the girl is joking.  My guess is that the chick normally pulls this kind of stuff in the station.  Or these people are assholes.  Whichever.


I can kind of relate to the high school to college transition that Touya was going over in his head.  In my case, it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as his but there’s definitely a different feel.  In high school, people are friends and indulging in teenhood.  College has its party scene and stuff, but the general mentality is “I’m here for X amount of years to get a degree, and we can be friends, but we’ll probably hardly talk again once we graduate”.  High school has more of a lasting power, I think.

“At first, I was like…”


“But then, I was like…”


No idea why Yuki expects Touya to remember something that’s from his early childhood when he’s obviously forgotten it.  If you’ve made it to college and he still hasn’t brought it up, it probably means he won’t until you actually bring the damn situation out directly.


Her sudden lust fest was kind of surprising, though.  Usually declarations of love that serious only come out once a girl finds out her guy is in danger of being seduced away by another person.  Yuki obviously trusts Rina too much, but there really isn’t anything out in the open on her end to cause suspicion yet.  Plus, Touya’s too much of a spineless boyfriend to bring up the evidence.


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