Manga Update: Skip Beat 135, Tsubasa 211-212, Deadman 20, Claymore 88


Well isn’t this hypocritical.  I know that actors can get caught up in the moment of the scene, but it’s pretty ridiculous to scheme up an idea to inflict the same trauma you experienced as a child on someone else.  In fact, Chiori went one step worse.  Shoving a candle in front of someone’s face is bad enough, but dumping nail polish remover on beforehand is plain psychotic.  Of course, Kyoko kind of relishes in all of it, but she really should have figured out a way to make Chiori squirm without putting an innocent third person in the crossfire.


Well things would have been too easy if Syaoran had killed FWR already.  It turns out that Kyle (who we haven’t seen in a while and I forgot about) disguised himself as FWR and thus took the fall for him.  Just shows that being FWR’s henchperson never works out, as we saw with Xing Huo many chapters ago.  It really feels like Kurogane and Fye have fallen into the background, but I guess they’ve already had their big moments.  Plus, Fye has his eye back so that should pump him up.  Does that mean that’s he’s uber magician and vampire?  Cause I don’t think that would reverse just because he’s got his power back.


Huzzah, Karako triumphs death again by using her blood hardening abilities to fill her chest wound.  Nagi clears up his head and chooses to defend his friends, but gets obliterated by Genkaku right away.  Unless Karako can transfer her blood clotting ability to Nagi, he’s pretty much toast with a wound like that.  Even if she could, the wound might be too huge.


So apparently the Southern monsters are Claymores called Abyss Feeders that were created with Awakened Being blood rather than regular Youki blood.  They were specifically created by the Organization in order to defeat Isley and they’re able to regenerate.  Their existance might explain why Isley separated from Priscilla and Raki.  It was obvious that Isley liked them before the 7 year skip, so he’s probably trying to protect them.  Anyhow I’m glad that everyone made it out of the situation all right, though it looks like Helen is permanently blind in one eye after an Abyss Feeder pierced her eye.  I guess it might have poison or anti-regenerative effects on whatever it wounds.


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