Anime Holy Grail?

I remember when Elfen Lied came out, and everybody was digging up the internet in search for a full version of Lilium.  No one could find the full song for the longest time, so people resorted to making their own extended versions, remixes, and such.  I had all but forgotten about it when I came across TetsuKichi1971’s Ytube profile and BAM – there it was.  I have to say that I really like the full song and it’s really a ridiculous shame that it wasn’t released on the soundtrack.  Maybe Kumiko Noma, the singer, wanted it for her own album; I dunno.


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2 responses to “Anime Holy Grail?

  • TheBigN

    Are you sure it’s not the same as this, where someone made a pretty good extended mix of the song?

  • firstother

    Ahh, you’re probably right. The other version I heard sounded really clear so it seemed like it was studio-made. I could swear some of those parts I don’t hear in the anime, so I’m curious where it was ripped from then if it’s not official.

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