Bounen no Xamdou: Final Episode 26


So in the end, Akiyuki becomes the Hiruken Emperor, Nakiami teleports back in time and space to see Abe Lincoln, and Ishuu leads the zombie revolution in the hopes of turning all the Ongoro into a huge pool of Jello.


While I really would enjoy playing in an Ongoro pool, it was pretty much expected that Bones would go with a bittersweet ending.  As I noticed last episode, the Hiruken Emperor turned out to look like Akiyuki once his mask was removed.  I don’t know if he was always that way or if it’s just because he has Akiyuki’s name now.  To be honest, I don’t know why Akiyuki gave the Emperor his name because seconds later Nakiami neutralized him with her Sannova egg.


Nakiami’s last hurrah is showing up in Akiyuki’s memory as he recalls being lost as a child.  And that’s it.  Bones really should have cut out the opening or ending credits in order to show an epilogue in which they show Nakiami after the 1000 year wait.  It would have been neat to see something like the great-great-great-great grandchildren or reincarnations of the characters standing at the Quickening Chamber as she emerged from her slumber.  It just seemed like a lackluster final scene for her and it didn’t match the sad emotions that the others felt for losing her.


Yango didn’t want to let Nakiami be alone and so he tries to keep the Quickening Chamber from sealing.  I throughly enjoyed seeing him jack Bipolar Purple Robe guy in the face. Akiyuki came plummeting down from the sky at the same time, and is back to his mindless self after forgetting who he is again.  However, seeing Yango cry and hearing Nakiami’s name be spoken compells him to try to help Yango.


Unfortunately, they fail to get inside and Akiyuki turns to stone as he succumbs to depression and fear.  It was pretty horrible for Yango to have to witness this, since it’s like everyone he’s getting close to leaves him.  It’s also interesting that Nakiami never introduced the boys to each other, nor did she introduce Yango to the Zanbani group.  Oh, which reminds me…


CALLED IT.  Short hair definitely doesn’t treat Ishuu kindly.


Oh hai, sister that should be stuck in a windowless dome instead of Nakiami.  The Zanbani crew decide to release all of the “destination unknown” letters on their ship over the battlefield so that everyone can read the feelings of the world’s people.  It was cute seeing Hinokimaru finally calling Ahm “Papa”.  While this scene has very nice imagery, my rational side asks “Why the hell do they have that many letters that have messed up addresses?”  You’d think they’d just take them off the Zanbani at some point cause that crap has to weigh down the ship.  Another thing going on during this is that the people who were turned to stone are revitalized.  Does that mean that the crappy fake cripple doctor is also alive?  Your plotholes are piling up, Bones.


Seeing Ishuu break down was probably the most powerful moment of the episode.  She’s always such a rock for those around her, but losing both the man and pseudo-daughter she loved most in the world finally wore her down.  Ishuu probably didn’t even plan on surviving the Hiruken Emperor raid, so it’s like a restart for her life.  I wish that we had seen more of her past, but that’s just another issue with having so many characters, yet only 26 episodes.


Annnnd the zombie wakes.  Nazuna’s another person that had a lot of story potential, but in the end all she did was turn people into Xamds and had her comatose body be used like a telephone.  So now the story moves 9 years into the future, on the eve of what should have been Akiyuki’s 25th birthday.


Haru made it back to Sentan Island, and became a substitute teacher at the school where Akiyuki, Furuichi and she used to attend.  For some reason the one drawing on the chalkboard when she was talking about Redsky Stones reminded me of what the Planet Storm looks like in Tales of the Abyss.


Akiyuki’s stone was brought back to the island and over the years it evolved into a more human shape.  Haru seems to have constantly come to visit him, and I can only imagine what Akiyuki’s parents and her reaction was when they first saw what happened to him.


Things on the Zanbani have continued, business as usual.  Yunbo is pregnant with her first child with Ahm so she’s taken a backseat to normal duties.



Why hello, Raigyo 2.0 aka grown-up Hinokimaru.  For some reason I didn’t see the parallels between them, but whatevs.  I’ll give him a couple of years to get rugged like Raigyo was.


I was disappointed that they didn’t really do a close up of how Kobako looks now, but she’s taken over Nakiami’s position on the Flyer.  It was heartwarming to see that Ishuu still cares enough about Nakiami to go visit the chamber.  She dresses like a sex pot, but on the inside she’s wearing mom pants.


Well here’s a pleasant surprise for my eyes.  Older Yango also shows up at the Chamber at the same time as Ishuu, and she can sense a connection with him even though she was never introduced by Nakiami.  I feel like he got one of the worst outcomes of this plot.  All Nakiami had to do was tell him to go with the Zanbani crew, but instead he’s been wandering alone for 9 years (and will probably do so for the rest of his life).


And here’s the random little girl with Xamd father who has grown up, too.  Why they updated us on her, I don’t know.


Back on Sentan Island, the (ex)General is mackin’ it with an army official.  I don’t think she was in the story in the past, but it might have been a minor detail.


Midori is as irrelevant as usual, and apparently still has her “me, me, me” attitude since she was ready to blow off dinner with her father for some supposed boyfriend.  She’s really made me wish that Furuichi had survived instead.


Akiyuki’s parents got back together and both live at the clinic now.  Ryuuzou now wears a dark lens on the right side of his glasses where his eye got destroyed by Kakisu.  Speaking of which…



Guess who has a fate worse than death!  I have to wonder if the military knows that Kakisu is there, since it’s doubtful that they’d just let Ryuuzou get away without punishment.


Nazuna still lives with Akiyuki’s parents, though I find it creepy how accepting they are of her being there.  I mean I know they’ve had 9 years to work out their issues, but Ryuuzou was practically flirting with her.


I found a lulzy continuity error, and it’s so obvious that it makes me think Bones was like, “Fuck it, we’ll fix it in the DVDs”.  First we see a bag full of oranges…


“Those damn Ongoro must have stolen all of them in the five seconds that you were talking!”



Though I have to admit that they did a nice parallel between Yango and Nakiami wandering through the same place.


This was an interesting choice of imagery as they switched to a live action shot of Akiyuki’s hand after he has returned to his human state. It makes me want a live action film of Xam’d even though that’d turn out terrible and is practically impossible to pull off without diving into CG hell.


This finale left me mildly satisfied, but there are so many nagging plotholes and untouched plotlines that could have easily been dealt with if Xam’d had done a 52 episode season.  And because the plot is pretty much wrapped up, there isn’t any room for an OVA or movie like Eureka 7 will be getting.  Bonen no Xamdou is among few series lately that stirred me to think, “I’ll have to buy the DVDs when this comes out.”  Which I’m hoping they actually will be released on DVD, and hopefully Sony won’t be a dick and say, “LOL YOU’LL HAVE TO GET A PSP”.

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10 responses to “Bounen no Xamdou: Final Episode 26

  • Reverie~

    Hm, I was just reading your blog about the 25 episode and then voila~ 26 popped up~ What timing, right? ❤ But anyhow, the ending made me a bit flustered because well.. Why did they make it seem as though Akiyuki came back? It really threw me off to see him standing there. Did he somehow come back even though there’s a huge stone of him? I guess I’m a bit confused. =) But anyhow, this series was also quite tragic because a lot of promises were broken. Akiyuki never returned to the crew to see the old lady. Also, in my opinion, he did not come back to his family or Haru, like he said he would. Coming back as a stone just doesn’t it cut it for me. =T The crew never really saw Nakiyami after she left to go to hometown. I’m sure there were other promises that were broken but I cannot recall at the moment. Honestly, it’s a tragedy to promise you’ll return home and in the end, never will.

    However, I really did enjoy this series. I also agree that it was rushed. It’d be nice if there were more episodes to explore each character.

  • firstother

    I think Akiyuki at the end could mean two possibilities: He finally “heard” Haru call his name and was revitalized after remembering who he was or that was just symbolism.

  • mutio

    I was thoroughly disappointed by Bounen no Xamdou. As much as I love Eureka Seven I dislike Bounen.
    The countless plotless, the mass of undeveloped characters (a real pitty!), the inconsistant plot and finaly the really unsatisfying ending made Bounen no Xamdou the most disappointing series from 2008 for me. First time I was disappointed by a Bones production btw~

  • illusion

    Yeah, a little dissapointed. This was not the ending I was hoping for, lots of holes/confusing elements/broken promises. Seriously, I think I’ll have to watch the two last episodes again, because I didn’t manage to catch and/or comprehend everything they were talking about, then again, most were probably irrelevant.

  • Bratcipheo

    The ending was also very dissapointing to me.It was in no way a good ending, i didnt see anything happy in it at all.
    Akiyuki practually died, the girl a sleeep for 1000 years, all others left alone.

    Also the final scene which cannot be real, but more something she is imagining.
    There is simply NO reason for him to be back, and her to react so calm.I hate bad endings, its not that i hate sad endings(i love the code geass ending)i just hate the bad ones.


  • animous

    I thought I the only one who dissapointed with the ending, thinking that it may due to me finishing last couple of episode of 2 anime in paralel (bounen and Ghost hound).

    The plot start to messed up from episode 20+, where some of plot I think was not neccesary at all.
    I really hate Bones abonding Furuichi just like that. When I see that hiruken emperor I kept thinkingit was furuichi, as both of them always mentioning about ‘being a shadows to Akiyuki’

  • Cyberose

    I just noticed that nakiami looks a lot like San from princess Mononoke. X3

  • boneknocker

    I don’t know why you guys want Akiyuki die badly. Bad if base on what the story told before. I think you must notice that once Nakiami met him in his mind before he turn to be a stone. In that time she not try to tell his name. She just left him be and told one day he will restore when some one call his name. So that why this show end like this.

    But there is a puzzle about that. When he turn back to be human ? Look at his shoes !!! That are two possible way for this. First he turn back to be human since 9 years ago and that stone is just a statue and that day he just come back from some where. Second he just turn back after 9 years but this seen nonsense when you consider about his shoes and his face look more older.

    Is it just an illusion from Haru ? Hell NO !!!! Just look at his appearance it is damn different from previous Akiyuki. It impossible that Haru can imagine that far !!

    Ohhhh one more thing If you remember the giant Xandou. She is the one that prove turn to stone not mean only dead. It also mean some thing like deep sleep. Except the Xamdou who turn to be atone because take fatal damage till dead. But that case not include Akiaki. He just lost his memory.

  • Individuo

    I’ve also found curious that the clouds in the Yango/Nakiami comparison are exactly the same. There goes another bit to fix for the DVDs.

  • rosana

    I loved your explanations.
    I cried a lot in the end.
    I really enjoyed this anime.

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