Gundam 00 Season 2 – Episode 18


Sorry Anew, but I refuse to approve of any Lockon relationship that doesn’t include Tieria.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a different guy; he should have got a different codename then.  Besides, she’s the one leading the enemy to their ship due to her crazy Veda powers.  Even if she’s not aware, she should have some notion that she’s not normal.  I don’t know if Tieria heard Lockon’s love message over the radio, but I’m pretty sure he’ll bust out the anger when he does.  Tieria so should have said “Lockon” or “Neil” instead of “Veda” at the end.

Ribbons is pretty fucking dumb for a mastermind villain.  He’s so set on changing the way life is run by humans, yet he keeps making the same mistakes that humans always due, aka scorning your henchwomen.  Anyhow, the whole magic loli song by Marina is getting even more ridiculous as it’s apparently being played on the radio now.  Too bad it doesn’t heal people because apparently the shot Setsuna got in the shoulder is slowly killing him.  That’ll sure build up till the last episode.  Oh, and it’s sad that Allelujah has pretty much become a side character to Marie/Soma’s importance.  There aren’t that many episodes left, Sunrise, so you need to kick things into overdrive.


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