Coming in 2009: Trigun the Movie


Yes, that is in fact my Kuroneko plushie. ❤  So either I’ve been living under some weird rock that only blocks out Trigun news or people haven’t really spoken much about this upcoming movie.  I finally created a MAL account this past week and came across the little announcement that was apparently made with the conclusion of the Trigun Maximum manga.  Hearing about this pleases me a lot since I love the series, but haven’t watched it since it was on Adult Swim.  This type of work is a much better idea than redoing the original series, and it’s been said that the plot will include a lot of Vash vs. Wolfwood action.  Madhouse is doing the production, and the studio’s recent project of Rideback proves that they’ll be able to create an amazing looking film.  My only hope is that they’ll include Millie and my old school waifu Meryl in some way.


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