Manga Update: Koukou Debut FINAL Chapter 52, Mirai Nikki 37, xxxHolic 173


I’ve finally finished one of my favorite shoujo manga series that I’ve come across, and Koukou Debut ends on a fitting note.


Things wrap up with Haruna writing a speech of gratitude to Yoh and the other 3rd year students as they graduate from high school.  Afterwards, Yoh, Haruna and the usual gang go out to eat and give some heartfelt promises to see each other again.  Haruna then gives Yoh a “yosegaki”, which is kind of the equivalent of what U.S. students do when they sign messages in the front or back of a yearbook.  Haruna did a pretty good job of finding people to write on it, since she got everyone from Yoh’s ex-girlfriend to people from his junior high basketball club.  But being the spaz she is, she forgets to sign the yosegaki so she decides to read the original version of the graduation speech she wrote that was overloaded with Yoh-isms.  In a rare moment, Yoh becomes overwhelmed and can’t help but tear up.


He tells her to come with him to the airport the next day as he must catch his flight to Tokyo.  Yoh gives Haruna a letter he wrote for her on the bus ride to the airport, and his message is just as expressive as Haruna’s.  Then as she watches him walk to his gate, he suddenly turns around to give her a goodbye kiss with tons of onlookers around.


One year later, Haruna shows up in Tokyo with longer hair and super-girly outfit to which Yoh grimaces at, but it’s obvious that he still loves her since he talks to all his classmates about her.  I think this ending was a nice mix of stuff that’s the usual cliched shoujo material and characteristics that set Koukou Debut apart.  The airport set up has been done over a thousand times in all kinds of media, but I thought the yosegaki was a nice touch.  Most of the plot material was neatly wrapped up too.  The only item that could have been delved into further was Asaoka and Mami’s pseudo-relationship, since it felt like that issue was just dropped after he confessed about liking Haruna.  Now here’s the million dollar question: Will there be any further adaptations?  Itazura na Kiss showed fans that it’s never too late to get an anime adaptation and some series like Zettai Kareshi get live action remakes instead.  I think I’d rather see Koukou Debut get the live action treatment since Lovely Complex is close to its plot and people would probably just compare the two unfairly (although both are good).  LC’s live action movie was a lulzy trainwreck so Koukou could probably come out on top.


As things continue on with Mirai Nikki, Yukki and Yuno reveal that Yuuki’s big macho moment in front of the other Diary holders last chapter was scripted up by Yuno.  Luckily the idea worked, and the two set in motion to attack the 11th by joining up with the 8th and her little child minions.  However, Yuuki isn’t the moralistic boy that he was before his parents died anymore, and he and Yuno turn on the 8th during the raid.  Yuuki and Yuno almost have a flawless plan but Minene the 9th and Nishijima complicate matters and help the 8th and 11th escape.  It was surprising to see Yuuki turn on the 8th’s followers after acting so sweetly with them.  He justifies his actions by saying that he’ll return everyone’s happiness when he becomes God.  The second major OMG moment was Akise’s further investigation into Yuno’s past that reveals that she was adopted by the abusive parents that she killed.  That probably means that the 3rd unknown body that detectives found was the parents’ original child.


Lastly, xxxHolic wraps up the Kitchen Lady arc with a private conversation between Yuuko and Watanuki.  They talk of the usual subject of fate, but Yuuko hints that she might not be around for much longer.  In a probably unconscious reaction, Watanuki grabs her arm as if he wants to keep her from leaving.  He then comments that he’s sure he’s seen her wear the outfit she has on before in a dream, even though Yuuko never wears the same thing twice.  Yuuko replies by simply stating that the dream will indeed end soon.  Ugh, how am I supposed to take this?  I know that CLAMP hasn’t thrown been keeping us in one huge dream sequence this whole time, because that just pisses off fans when they find out.  I’m really getting the vibe that Yuuko and FWR are not only in seperate dimensions, but also seperate time periods, just like Neo-Tokyo and the Ruins in Tsubasa.  If that’s true, then Yuuko is probably the person that he’s trying to revive.  But Yuuko is an honorable person and she knows that death is part of the inevitability that she always talks about.  I don’t know; it’s really becoming a big circle of questions with only a few hints and answers being revealed.


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