Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou: 6 & 7


I’d be glad to check your chest for suspicious markings, Natsume-dono.  Just to be safe, you better remove your pants too.


These two episodes finally introduce us to Taki, the mysterious new girl from the opening and ending credits.  I actually really like this character, but that’s probably because she’s not a budding yandere like Sasada. Her ability to see youkai through the magic circles is cool, but I hope that she has other tricks that’ll show up in later episodes.


Cutest reaction ever.


So the plot this time around was about Taki, Natsume, Mustache and Nyanko-sensei searching for a youkai that unfairly curses its victims for simply looking at it.  Mustache reminds me of one of those blow up clown balloons that you can punch and they rise back up.  I don’t know why everyone calls him “Mustache”, my first thought would be “THAT HEAD” or “HUGE”.


Oh, Natsume.  If you were a girl there’d be about 20 doujins in production right now depicting the perils of your mild bondage moment.  Luckily you’re a boy, so there’ll only be around 3 yaoi doujins.


That certainly was foul.  If I were Natsume, I would have taken that wooden plank and jammed it down that youkai’s throat.


On the list of “Most Humilitating Ways to Potentially Die”, it can be certain that falling down a cliff after tripping over a cat is among the top ten.


It was nice to see how attached Madara/Nyanko-sensei is to Natsume now.  He still acts all tsun-tsun when it comes to openly appreciating Natsume, but it’s obvious that he’s not hanging around simply for the Book of Friends anymore.


One of the funniest moments were the assumptions Nyanko and Taki were making as they stared at each other.  Taki was just trying to hold herself back from glomping him, but Nyanko took her determination as a formidable demonic presence.


The final fight scene was certainly intense and I was worried that Natsume would get seriously injured by trying to break the rope around his neck on his own.  It was cool to see what Natsume’s interactions are from a normal person’s viewpoint.  People can’t see Nyanko in his big Madara form so it looked like Natsume was flying around like Superman.  Taki was pretty silly for believing that the youkai would just let her win, but I’ll forgive her naivety since she’s Taki.


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