Toradora: Episode 19


Am I silly for thinking this right off the bat, based on just looks?


Ami and Taiga’s duet was pretty good, but I wish that this had aired during the actual Christmas season.  It makes me want to decorate my room with Xmas lights and eat blueberry candy canes.  It’s really odd how well Ami and Taiga are getting along since Ami’s only getting more pissed off at unrequited advances toward Ryuuji.  It’s amazing how popular people are often the ones who can’t just be direct when it comes to confessing their feelings.  Stop with the “playing house” analogy and just say how you feel, Ami.


I seriously thought that Kitamura was wearing a muscle suit.  Where does he find time to work out?  This must have been a dream come true for Haruta.


Pedo Bear, you’re doing it wrong.  The correct way is to swing her by the legs.


Hm, some people think that Minorin redeems herself a little in Episode 20, but I disagree.  Anybody who gets that emo about dating someone has no place to be in a relationship.  It’s great that she considers Taiga’s feelings in the matter, but she completely bulldozed Ryuuji.  The logical thing to do would be to actually EXPLAIN the situation with him rather than just rejecting him.


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