Manga Update: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 214 and xxxHolic 174


Blargh glargh ugh.

Syaoran finally grabs a hold of comatose Sakura, but then FWR is like “AHA YOU’VE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD”.  So we’ve come 214 chapters just for Syaoran to do exactly what FWR wanted?  R! Syaoran really is a complete disappointment when compared to his father.  CCS Syaoran probably would have never fallen into this kind of situation, and even if he had, he would have saved the day without causing 90 million extra problems.  Now I know what you’re thinking: “Other, you know that Syaoran and the gang will come out on top in the end!  They’re the heroes!”  It just feels like the plot is really getting thrown around.  At this point, C! Syaoran and C! Sakura seem like a distant memory.  Their ultimate purpose ending was to stall things, or you can even say that they were just filler material.  I keep hoping that CCS Syaoran and Sakura will show up at some point to serve some major ass-kicking, but I’m losing hope.  Hopefully CLAMP will redeem things in the end, but I’m already discouraged since we know from the manga’s beginning that Sakura and Syaoran will end up in the hourglass in the final moments.


Over in xxxHolic’s dimension, Syaoran’s craptastic move finally weakens Yuuko to the point that she evaporates into a cloud of butterflies before Watanuki’s eyes.  Now this could be taken with a grain of salt since they were talking about dreams and it appeared like Watanuki woke up immediately afterward.  But Yuuko’s missing from the house afterward, and she never goes on a trip without telling Watanuki in advance.  I found it odd that Watanuki just now mentions about having not seen Maru and Moro in a while.  Haven’t they been absent for 10 or more chapters?  Anyhow, he and Doumeki head back to crappy Kitchen lady (god I thought we were done with this), since Watanuki feels that all he can do right now is help who’s in front of him.  I still find it interesting how Doumeki is suddenly there with Watanuki all the time now.  He made that promise with Kohane to protect Watanuki, but really that should only deal with jobs.  I don’t think he’s used his archery to save the day in a while and I believe nothing’s attacked Watanuki since Kohane’s mom, so he’s mostly just chillin’ out.  Not that I’m complaining; just observin’.

Now I have a mildly bonkers theory about why Yuuko disappeared.  Could it be possible that she’s connected to Sakura in the same way that Syaoran and Watanuki are alike?  It’s apparent with the S/W pair that looks don’t need to be identical, so age might not matter either.  And Yuuko’s disappearance brings about a balancing of the dimensions in a way, especially if Watanuki takes her place.  Otherwise, the sole purpose of Yuuko’s life could have been to teach Watanuki how to live his own life.  Maybe this way both Syaoran and Watanuki can go on existing without one of them needing to be sacrificed.  I’d still like to kick Syaoran in the head for starting all this.


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